With the rapid development of the times, in the fastener manufacturing industry, the traditional production process is  slow and costly, which leads to the company's market competitiveness becoming  lower and lower, and even facing bankruptcy. In this case, only innovation can keep up with the trend of the times and survive. Now, Cold forming solves these problems perfectly. 

      Presently SONGWEI MACHINERY multiple station cold forging nut part formers is widely used in Construction, Automobile, Furniture, Electronics, Machinery, Aerospace, National defenseindustries. 


      Our machine not only can be used for manufacturing Normal nuts, like Hex nut, Flanged nut, Square nut, Weld nut, Rivet nut, but also Motorcycle link pin, Oil plug screw, Pipe joint, Chain roller, Bearingroller, Bearing ring, Expansion anchor, Bushing sleeve, Bicycle and Motorcycle shaped spare parts, Auto spare parts, shaped nuts and various shaped pieces of shaped and non-standard items, ect.