Cold heading process

May. 18,2017

Cold heading process

Cold heading process

(1) cold heading machine According to the theory of metal plastic deformation, at room temperature on the metal blanks to exert a certain pressure, so that in the cavity produced plastic deformation, according to the provisions of the shape and size of the shape. (2) cold heading machine must choose high quality "plastic change" good metal materials, such as riveting screw steel, its chemical composition and mechanical properties are strict standards.

(3) cold heading bolts, nut molding machinery has been more models, more series of models. Cold heading machine equipment performance is reliable, high efficiency, product quality and stability.

(4) cold heading machine molding upsetting force, configuration power, equipment, a large investment. So the production specifications M24 below the most economical.

(5) have better surface quality, higher dimensional accuracy. Cold forging machine in the process of upsetting there is cold hardening, deformation should not be too large. Be sure to reduce cracking. (6) cold heading machine technology for the scope of large quantities, all kinds of specifications of the product, so as to reduce costs in order to produce greater efficiency.

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