How to start multi-station cold heading machine?

May. 18,2017

How to start multi-station cold heading machine?

1. Hardware field connection. Install the proximity switch on the device and connect the components according to the electrical schematic.

2. parameter settings. According to the requirements of the user unit, by setting the acceleration / deceleration time parameter (2202), set the starting frequency of the inverter from 1Hz to 50Hz (ie, the motor speed from 0r / min up to 1500r / min) set time is set to 3s.

3. Processing test. First in the manual mode to start the device processing parts, equipment operation is correct, to automatic mode. Set the total number of machined parts on the counter to 30, start the device, when the number of processing up to 30, the device stops running. In manual and automatic mode, turn the speed potentiometer, parts processing speed changes, the digital display shows the speed of different periods. Multi - station automatic cold heading machine

4. Emergency stop and keep. Press the emergency stop button on the control panel operator panel to stop the device. Pull the total power supply, the data on the counter remains unchanged. After the power is restarted, the machine then processes the part until it reaches the preset number and stops.

5. Reset. Press the two reset switches on the counter control panel to reset the preset number and the machining number, respectively.

6. Key protection. After the cold heading machine and the rotary key switch (SA1), the key operation on the counter operation panel is disabled.

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